Films at The NYC Short Documentary Film Festival




Aiden's Journey: The Next Chapter

Directed By Tommy Nolan
Run Time : 20 minutes

Fighting Apert Syndrome, Aiden’s Journey follows him in the weeks leading up to a life-changing procedure, interviews with his family and friends, leaving a positive impact on how others view individuals with physical differences in a appearance driven world.

Left At Tovarnik

Directed By Jasmine H Wilkes
Run Time : 15 minutes

Left at Tovarnik is a sensitive, observational documentary looking at individuals and families stranded on the Croatia-Hungary border at the height of the European refugee crisis. As a result, families are torn apart and struggle to make sense of where they are or will be going.

Makin Noize

Directed By Holly Kaplan
Run Time : 13 minutes

Documentary about musicians in the subway and streets of New York City. Music by the people, for the people.

The School of Honk

Directed By Patrick Johnson
Run Time : 11 minutes

The School of Honk is an open community brass band that promotes joy and inclusivity through weekly gatherings and parades around Somerville and Cambridge.

Zebrafish: Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease

Directed By Holly Jennifer A. Manner
Run Time : 9 minutes

Zebrafish: Practically People, Transforming How We Study Disease is a new film that provides an overview of the benefits of Zebrafish as a biomedical research model, in an easy-to-understand, visually-stunning documentary.


Directed By Maya Tepler
Run Time : 8 minutes

THE NEXT FOUR YEARS follows Salim Aymen Salim, an Iraqi refugee in Maine, during his last year of high school and through his transition to college. Focusing chiefly on the day before he moves to college, and the moving day itself.

The Dollhouse

Directed By Kyra Gardner
Run Time : 7 minutes

A filmmaker who grew up with the Chucky doll seeks out the other families surrounding the franchise to get their perspective on life with Chucky.

Drummer Girl

Directed By Sophie Hexter
Run Time : 6 minutes

Her life changed in the blink of an eye. Music set her free.

I've Seen So Much

Directed By Gonzalo Guajardo
Run Time : 5 minutes

Sintayehu Tesale is an Ethiopian carpenter who leaves a mark on you when you meet him. Persevering, positive, he boosts your strength, encourages you to stand up.  He is one of the few carpenters in the world who does not use his hands, but his feet, due to an undiagnosed disability.



Out of the Shadows: Remembering Negro League Baseball

Directed By Bobby Cassidy
Run Time : 19 minutes

A look at the storied history of the Negro Leagues, including interviews with Negro League legends as well as current baseball personalities.

Great Aunt Mabel

Directed By H. James Gilmore
Run Time : 15 minutes

She was the first woman ever to receive a presidential commission and to occupy a federal executive position. In fact, she was the highest paid woman in federal service. A documentary short, created entirely of found-footage, dedicated to Aunt Mabel.


Directed By Jack Schurman
Run Time : 14 minutes

Isaiah ‘Triforce’ Johnson is a competitive gamer living in Brooklyn. He grew up running from arcade to arcade with his friends trying to beat each other’s high scores. They grew up to become world champions and formed a group led by him – ‘The Empire’.

Brooklyn Love Tales

Directed By Anthony Di Salvo
Run Time : 12 minutes

A personal glimpse into the lives of three unique married couples with developmental disabilities, living in Brooklyn, NY. – the Shapiros, the Moores and the Freilichs.

Life Through A Lens

Directed By Jeffrey Levenson
Run Time : 11 minutes

Life Through a Lens follows Robert’s journey with APBD and how he has chosen to face it. Robert’s hope is to empower those living with the challenges, physical and otherwise, brought on by APBD and all debilitating diseases, to know and harness optimism and possibility in life.


Directed By Yuxin Zhao 
Run Time : 8 minutes

This is a nostalgic poetic documentary through Chinese immigrants in New York City.  Yanyan and her husband immigrated to the U.S ten years ago, living in Brooklyn since then. They are both deaf and mute person. During our conversation, I touched by her definition of “home”.

Model Material

Directed By Sabrina Linville
Run Time : 7 minutes

An exclusive glimpse of the modeling industry through the diverse perspectives of a casting director and models during New York Fashion Week.


Directed By Babaak Parcham
Run Time : 6 minutes

The foreclosure crisis hit Cleveland particularly hard, and the city is still reeling from the urban blight that accompanies abandoned homes and neighborhoods. blight examines the efforts of Thriving Communities, an organization that helps struggling neighborhoods transform themselves.

The Artist

Directed By Chris Cyronek
Run Time : 5 minutes

Sit down with Sage Gallon and step inside the mind of one of Los Angeles’ hottest up-and-coming artists.

I love you xxx

Directed By Sam Varley-Stephens 
Run Time : 3 minutes

Three different people discuss their experiences with long-distance relationships in an increasingly connected world.