Marc Kornblatt

Born in Edison, NJ, Marc Kornblatt started out as an actor New York after college (Brandeis Univ.). He turned to playwriting, earned an MA in journalism (NYU), wrote for magazines, newspapers, and published children’s books, before returning to college to earn an education degree. While teaching elementary school, he began making music videos with students, which led to short narratives, documentaries and the founding of Refuge Films ( He has since left the classroom to become a full-time filmmaker and produced more than 100 shorts, several web series, including the award-winning Rock Regga, and four feature-length documentaries –Street Pulse, Dostoevsky Behind Bars, What I Did in Fifth Grade and In Search of America.   

Dennis Cieri 
I am a native New Yorker, who has produced a number of film and TV projects throughout my career, focusing on social justice and environmental storytelling. My latest travel series, Beyond Moscow, which featured five undiscovered Russian cities through historical narratives interwoven with modern culture and social allure, was acquired in 2017 by SES, a European TV network broadcasting to over 300 million homes worldwide. I also produced and directed a mini-documentary, Redesigning the Sanitation System for JSTOR Daily, featuring a novel waterless toilet system, piloted in Madagascar, timed for the UN World Toilet Day 2017. Prior to that, I produced a mini-documentary What’s in Brooklyn Gowanus Canal? for the Hakai Magazine, about rare and unique microbes dwelling in one of the most polluted waterways in North America. Also my short, The End of Fair Trade, I investigated how Internet bots force consumers to settle for higher prices based on their perceived ability to pay, which is calculated using personal information gathered on the web. Additionally, I have done multiple web series on tourism in NYC, from Food Truck Foodie to Brew York and many others.